TEIQue is a scientific assessment tool by Thomas International that measures emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence determines the way in which people act within the organisation and gives them the edge they need to perform.

TEIQue provides an insight into the way in which candidates deal with their emotions, respond to work pressure and manage relationships, as well as how effectively they are able to judge other people’s feelings and how they use this knowledge to develop and maintain good relations. It also states the areas in which the person in question still has potential to develop.

The online TEIQue assessment takes on average 20 minutes to complete.


Trait Emotional Questionnaire (TEIQue) was developed by K.V. Petrides, PhD. It is one of the best substantiated psychometric tools in the world and is supported by the renowned London Psychometric Laboratory (UCL).

Emotional Intelligence

People who are emotionally intelligent possess self-knowledge, excel in communication and are able to adapt their behaviour to the situation. It is therefore likely that these people are able to meet the high demands placed in modern, competitive and complex organisations. Emotionally intelligent people can also generally cope better with stress, have fewer motivation problems, demonstrate commitment and are able to manage conflicts and changes.

Emotional Intelligence and leadership

Given that emotionally intelligent line managers possess human-oriented leadership qualities, their teams generally function well and both motivation and commitment in the team are high. These aspects play a part in achieving a high level of loyalty and little decline.

The TEIQue report

In addition to a general Emotional Intelligence score, the report provides more specific insight into four EI factors:



    An indication of how happy, positive and content someone is.



    To what extent is a person able to cope with external pressure and stress, as well as the level of impulse control?



    Is someone able to express and interpret emotions and apply these skills in entering into and maintaining relationships with others?

  •  SociabilityHow sociable someone is. Is this person able to listen and communicate in an evidently self-assured manner?

The report generated on the basis of the TEIQue questionnaire answers the following questions:

  • To what extent is the person aware of his or her qualities and potential limitations?
  • To what extent does he or she adapt his or her behaviour to changing circumstances?
  • How does the person deal with stress?
  • Is the person also able to control his or her impulses when under pressure?
  • How sensitive is the person to someone else’s emotions?
  • Is he or she good at developing relationships with others?
  • What can be said about his or her self-motivation and ability to change?