Thomas International’s Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), otherwise known as the DISC test, is the leading online assessment tool for employers or HR professionals. The PPA is a written and clear report on the work behaviour and personality of an applicant or employee. It is a powerful tool for evaluating someone’s behaviour in the work situation in a fast, reliable and objective manner, and for mapping out a person’s key traits.

An online PPA assessment provides a clear overview of:

  • Key traits
  • Character traits and behaviour on the shop floor
  • Motivation
  • Communication and social skills
  • The position for which the candidate is best suited
The PPA assessment takes around 10 minutes to complete.

The PPA report

On the development of the PPA online assessment The Personal Profile Analysis is an assessment based on Dr. W.M. Marston’s DISC theory from 1928. The method was developed by Thomas Hendrickson at the beginning of the nineteen-sixties and its full name is Thomas International’s Personal Profile Analysis method.

HThe DISC model is a psychometric test and maps out strengths, weaknesses, communication and preferred behaviour, among other things.

The written result of the PPA assessment is supported in three diagrams that provide plenty of useful information down to the smallest detail. The three diagrams show how someone sees themselves, how that person responds and acts in stressful situations and finally how he or she faces the outside world.

The background to DISC. What it stands for.


Direct & Dynamic

D-types like to be approached directly. They want to hear the conclusion, the benefits and the results, as well as the details, if necessary. A particular trait is that they ask RATHER A LOT OF QUESTIONS. They search for OBJECTIVES, CONTROL and CHALLENGE, want to take the lead and like to determine the state of affairs.


Inspirational & Interactive

I-types like to be approached in a POSITIVE manner. They are spurred on by compliments, PUBLIC recognition, enjoyment, demonstration of emotion and enthusiasm. They ask WHO QUESTIONS and know a lot of people. They have plenty of ideas and a sense of humour. They are the best communicators.

Sociable & Stable

S-types like to be approached RELATIONALLY. They are friendly and easy-going. They ask HOW QUESTIONS and need time to SLOWLY get used to changes and new ideas. They like to COLLABORATE and come across as OBLIGING.


Correct & Conscientious

C-types like to approach matters in an ANALYTICAL manner. They seek objectivity, FACTS, QUALITY, and thoroughness, without rushing. They ask WHY QUESTIONS and use LOGIC as standard. They don’t give in to emotional appeals, but go for the best.

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Combined with the Thomas International PPA report, one or more Additional Reports can also be ordered that focus on a specific issue. This enables you to match candidates to jobs and provides insight into specific key traits.

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